About Me

I’ve split most of my life between Europe and the United States and have worked for The Associated Press since 2005.

Current areas of interest include cybersecurity, espionage, biometrics, civil liberty, corruption, tax evasion, money laundering, theft, fraud, and terrorism.

You are welcome to contact me via any of the social media above. However for messages of a professional nature please use my work email, which consists of the first letter of my first name, followed by the six letters of my last name, followed by @ap.org. Messages to this address can be protected with PGP, an encryption program. My public key can be found here or on a public key server. Although encryption may not defeat a determined attacker, it can baffle more routine forms of eavesdropping. Here’s a guide to installing PGP.

If your message is of a personal nature, please contact me at my personal email, which consists of the first letter of my first name, followed by @phae.li.

I use a wide variety of encrypted messaging programs, including WhatsApp and Signal. Please contact me, via an encrypted email if you wish, for further detail.

I remain reachable by postal mail. Please send documents, or, better yet, a memory stick encrypted against my public key, care of Raphael Satter at:

The Associated Press
The Interchange
Oval Road, Camden Lock
London NW1 7DZ


The Associated Press
162 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Paris 75008

The AP also uses Secure Drop, which you can access (via the Tor browser) at this address: http://3expgpdnrrzezf7r.onion/ Make sure to add a note bearing my name to any submission.